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Please look at the impact fax broadcast software, which can be used with a basic. Our document management software can help streamline the deluge of digital, email, fax and paper documents. While it is possible to outsource this service to a fax broadcasting provider, software can make it possible to manage the task inhouse, saving a considerable amount of money. The best online fax services prove that faxing isnt a relic of the last century. Call blasting software marketing automated calls callfire. Do you want to perform high volume, reliable faxing software to fax the same document or information to a list of fax numbers. Fax broadcast systems fax software multi line fax modems. Impact fax broadcast supports a wide variety of fax hardware, from offtheshelf fax modems to highend intelligent fax boards. Blastfax does not supply email, fax or phone lists. With jblast, you dont need any fax hardware, software or additional equipment.

Hi we work with a lot of doctors office and we need to fax them our cutoff time for medicine. Based on black ice software s awardwinning open architecture, impact fax broadcast is fully scalable from a single portline up to 384 portslines. Be sure the phone line is connected to the computer, and click new fax in the upperleft portion of the. Fax broadcasting, sometimes called bulk faxing or fax blasting, is a powerful way to deliver a message to many recipients. We simply provide easy to use, credit card billed fax broadcasting and emal to fax solutions. You dont need special computer equipment, expensive fax servers, or multiple phone lines. Ma labs leading distributor of pc components, computer. Software based online fax frees you from outdated hardware and the complications of faxing over dedicated phone lines. Openfax provides you with the ability to mass fax using a microsoft excel, csv or a text file list of fax numbers and a document. This is also referred to as fax broadcasting, fax blasting, and bulk faxing. Pdfblaster is an intelligent printer driver that lets you easily batch fax and email invoices, statements, sales orders, purchase orders, quotes and more right from your software without the hassles of dedicated moderns, phone lines or any additional thirdparty software. Fax broadcast job can be set up to run at specific times or in the background. Hardware tends to cause mistakes and to malfunction. Taking this one step further with a unique feature known as group faxing, users can blast out a single fax to as many recipients as necessary all in one click.

Different fax software from fax blasting software, blasting fax. Fax server software enables businesses to send and receive faxes electronically. Many of the software as a service saas platform available for bulk fax broadcasting. Manage your incoming and outgoing faxes online and benefit from considerable savings. Joyfax broadcast has ability for you to send fax with t.

There is an additional charge of 1 cent per minutefor using mail merge. Compare the best free open source windows fax software at sourceforge. No monthly fees, software, phone lines or hardware. Based on black ice software s awardwinning open architecture, impact fax broadcast. The fax server hardware supporting your faxcore server will depend upon the deployment style you choose. Fax broadcasting, fax blasting, lowest rates unixusa. Add impact and results to your business today with our fax broadcasting service. Broadcast fax frequently asked questions we know fax. Callfire can help you make thousands of blast phone calls in one fell swoop. As in windows, youll need a fax modem in order to run through the setup. For more information or to get your own fax blast system or for information about our fax numbers lists of over 6 million us and canada fax numbers, please call bob at 877 4626806. These are all synonyms for the same business service. Personilized fax broadcasting unixusa fax merge is a highly productive method of delivering documents or reports to your existing clients realtime via fax.

Within seconds, our blast voicemail services will reach everyone on your list, dramatically reducing your overhead. Flexible, scalable and dependable document management solutions for your business. Close a real estate deal on the spot or sign a purchase order from the airport with ease. If you need to send a daily price sheet to all your customers, or you want to fax a letter to multiple recipients, fax broadcasting can do the job well. Impact fax broadcast fax broadcast black ice software. Openfax supports blast faxing using microsoft office, word, powerpoint, publisher, excel or adobe pdf files for your fax document. Bit of a retro question for everyone but does anyone know of some stand alone hardware that can receive a fax and deliver it as an attachment to a mail server sending would be nice too. Joyfax broadcast fax broadcasting software, fax marketing. It utilizes the familiar environment of the mfp to create a communications system that can send, receive, print, archive, and track information. Free, secure and fast windows fax software downloads from the largest open source applications and software directory. Everything is handled online through your online account portal. Fax is a great way to connect with other businesses, send sensitive documents, reach out with coupons and special promotions through fax blast services as well as communicate when you dont have an internet connection. No need to purchase fax software, hardware and termination account, all these things are offered saas provider. Youll need the efax document viewing software and will be limited to 150 incoming pages a month, but if you have light fax receiving needs, the efax free trial means 30 days of helpful service.

The entire process is handled online and all you need is an internet connection to send a fax broadcast. Acceleros online fax broadcasting service allows you to send thousands of faxes directly from your computer without any special hardware or software. Personalize your fax broadcast message by utilizing our mail merge capabilities. Fax broadcasting software is an efficient tool to communicate and advertise to.

The software is compatible with windows xp, 7, 8, or 10. Pdf blaster business computer technologies united states. This software is your ideal communication tool for fax marketing, customer communication, event notification, newsletter publishing and so on. When you sign up for jblast, well give you access to a secure account portal, which is where you will login to send your fax broadcasts. A personalized faxing software can reach thousands of people with no limit.

You will know the fax was delivered by return email in minutes. Simply record a message using our voice broadcast call blast software, upload your customer list, and let us do the rest. Easily integrated with your existing oa, crm, and erp software. Personalizing your faxes enables you to generate and fax form letters, reports, invoices, reminders, accounting statements, etc. In fact, faxing is sometimes the only way to get important forms and documents back and forth, whether youre. Our concurrent online fax transmission helps speed up fax delivery by 5x. Add the onetime cost of fax server hardware and software. Mogo dental practice management software dental software. Fax broadcast systems, fax software and fax lists we sell fax broadcast systems, multi line fax blast computers, modems and have over 6 million us business fax numbers to choose from.

If this fax number is in any fax list that you use, our system will skip delivery to that particular fax number. Is fax broadcasting the same as broadcast fax, mass fax, bulk fax or blast fax. If you broadcast fax only occasionally, an inhouse fax server is not costeffective. When you want to fax a document, simply open it up, go to print, and select as your printer. What is the best fax solutions out there for fax broadcasting. Frequently asked questions about fax broadcasting jblast. Acceleros service is fast, reliable and easy to use, and we always offer the lowest rates. Joyfax broadcast is a personalized faxing software that can reach thousands of people with no limit. Fax broadcast sales leads fax lists fax blast pricing. How to send a fax from your computer make tech easier.

For more information or to get your own fax blast system or for information about our fax numbers lists of over 6 million us and canada fax numbers, please. Impact fax broadcast is a specialized software application designed for reliable highvolume fax broadcasting. Blast software will run on most standard off the shelf windows computer and must have microsoft word installed. Blast software must be installed using administrative privileges. Streem fax software does much more than add faxing capabilities to xerox multifunction printers. Some saas platform like call4smile allow you to blast thousand of fax messages in a short time period. Online faxing completely removes the need to have a dedicated fax machine with a dedicated phone line. Windows xp fax software and fax lists we provide fax blasts at wholesale prices. Which fax software fax hardware combination should i use. The faxblaster works like any print driver you may have on your pc. Create, send, and analyze your fax campaigns entirely from your computer without ever touching a fax machine.

Jan, 2017 people these days think that fax broadcasting service which is also known as bulk faxing or fax blasting is something which is very expensive for the working organizations as they need to manage their own fax broadcasting. Is there a good fax blast service where i can schedule daily repeating reminders via fax to a list of. Sending your fax to people who are likely to have an interest in your product will bring better results than a. Each company uses fax broadcast in a different way which is why faxfacts allows you to custom tailor your fax broadcast system to your businesses needs. Fax broadcasting software, auto dialer for foip, pstn fax. Send a few or few thousand faxes with openfaxs fax broadcasting simultaneously with ease. Ictbroadcast is mass faxing tool that can blast thousands of faxes in minutes.

Fax broadcast software fax blasting high volume fax by copia. All you need is a jblast account and an internet connection to send your broadcast fax. Ma labs, premier it distributor, offers full selection of computer components, justintime integration services, flexible payment options, and best value to vars, computer resellers, system integrators, server and enterprise resellers, cloud computing centers, oems, and the vertical markets. Faxing hardware for fax broadcasting, fax servers and pc. Blast software free download blast top 4 download offers free software downloads for windows, mac, ios and android computers and mobile devices. Fax broadcasting and email to fax services blastfax. Get my free jblast quote jblast mass fax marketing and.

Without a dedicated fax machine, there will be less need for maintenance and repairs, less clutter around the office, and better efficiency. The easy to use interface will then ask for the recipients name and fax number and off the fax goes. Target specific groups or companies with your faxes. Build your fax right in our system or upload a pdf youve created.

Openfax even offers the ability to mail merge or personalize each fax sent that is part of your broadcast fax. The efax free trial gives you a free fax number for incoming faxes, which are delivered by email. Blast fax definition is to send a fax in multiple copies to numerous recipients at one time. Can my document be customized with unique customer information such as name, address, city, state, and zip. All documents you upload are stored in your account so you can reuse them to save time and. For linux, you have several software choices, such as efax good for smalltime users and hylafax enterpriselevel. We can design a system to fit the needs of your organization to help you organize, share and secure the information that powers your company. For those seeking an appliancebased solution, faxcore offers assembled appliances for that include remote installation of voip fax software and assistance, annual maintenance and support in a single bundle. Saas fax blasting solution and their benefits call4smile. Mogo cloud based dental practice management software is comprehensive with easy to use features for a wellrun office.

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